About us

Knowledge is equally distributed, but opportunity isn't.

TFNAfrica is a Digital Workforce Development & Lifelong Learning Enterprise that helps people learn premium  skills physically and virtually while providing  talents with internship and top-notch career services. We also exist to unlock human potential at scale by connecting companies to hire the best talents and invest in workforce development.

In 2017, TFNAfrica started as an experiment in online learning, when Temitope Ojo in partnership with Konverge Media and Google opted to offer an “Introduction to Digital Marketing” course to undergraduate students, for free. Over 400+ students in more than 7 higher institutions across Nigeria enrolled. The potential to impact knowledge at a global scale was inspiring, and TFNAfrica was founded to pursue an agenda to democratize lifelong skills learning. It would take several years of intensive iteration and experimentation to clarify our focus on career advancement through mastery of in-demand skills, but today, TFNAfrica proudly offers aspiring talents across African cities the opportunity to participate in—and contribute to—some of the most disruptive and innovative industries in the world.

Global Vision

A community where the most talented people across board can learn a skill and build a career commensurate with their potential – not their gender, race, or location while living their dreams.

Our Why

The need to engineer a cultural drive that empowers  people with skills to thrive in their chosen field, career path, workplaces and stay relevant for the connected economy.

Meet your instructor

Temitope Ojo is an award-wining serial entrepreneur with strong passion for tech. Much of his work is centered around web design, branding, eCommerce, digital marketing and forex trading.

Lead Instructor

“With over 7years of experience trading, selling products & services, I have realized that the sustainable growth of any business is largely dependent on if the right strategy is implemented with the right skills and tools. For this reason, TFNAfrica was born to empower and help people acquire right skillset to L.E.A.D. for the connected economy”.